We Insulate

  • HVAC Ducts                                             Boilers
  • Pipes                                                        Vessels
  • Plumbing                                                 Turbines
  • Grease Ducts                                           Manufacture Custom Removable Pads


EMI specialize in providing Firestopping applications for:
Mechanical – Heating and Cooling
• Electrical – Light, Power, Alarm, Control and Communication
• Plumbing – Water, Sanitary, Vent and Acid Waste
• Fire Protection – Sprinkler and FM200 Systems
• Duct – Supply, Return, Exhaust and Stair Pressurization
• Commercial Kitchen and Grease Duct
• Single and Multiple Penetrations
• Large Floor and Wall Openings
• Smoke and Acoustic Seals

EMI provides Firestop Systems for metallic and plastic piping, bare and insulated duct work, cable conduit, electrical bus duct, cable tray and wire.  EMI also provides FLIR Certified energy audits utilizing thermal imaging.


All EMI Technicians Certified

OSHA 10-30 Cards

GHS -Global Harmonized Systems

EMI Network Memberships

USGBC – US Green Building Council

FCIA Firestop Contractors International Association

FM Global (EMI is an FM 4991 Certified Firestop Contractor)