CCSD Facilities Division

The mission of the CCSD Facilities Division is to provide “best in class” educational facilities support services with demonstrated cost effectiveness second to none-ensuring clean, comfortable, safe, and educationally effective facilities are provided in the right quantity and location to meet the needs of Southern Nevada’s children and the professional staff and support systems that serve them.

Over the last 20 years, EMI has been in the forefront of repair and bringing up to code outdated mechanical insulation systems in schools throughout the Clark County School District.   EMI’s installations of state-of-the art energy-efficient systems have proven to result in measureable cost savings for the school district and enhanced the learning environment for Clark County students. EMI’s contributions are repair, and in some cases initial installs of energy-efficient insulation to the schools’ central mechanical rooms, HVAC and ventilation ducts, along with the installation of commercial kitchen grease duct wrap and firestopping systems.  EMI’s systems are designed not just to save energy costs, but to reduce loses to property, and prevent the tragic loss of life should a catastrophic fire occur. EMI takes pride in knowing that the quality of their work also benefits the children of the communities where its’ employees themselves live.